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With a mixed inventory of Airbus, Boeing, ATR, and Embraer parts for commercial fleets and Bell, Sikorsky, and others for rotary-wing aircraft, we are capable of answering our customer’s needs 24/7, and with the logistical advantage of being based in Miami, Florida, from where we can easily ship to anywhere in the world.


Med-Air provides PROCUREMENT SERVICES that enable our customers to obtain our replacement inventories as rapidly as possible. Our shops offer excellent and true times on Electronic, Hydraulic, Pneumatic and Electromechanical components, and
unparalleled analysis and reporting on all phases of the failure/repair/overhaul cycle. Parts leasing and pooling, INVENTORY MANAGEMENT and CONSIGNMENT inventories to commercial and military industries. 


Med-Craft delivers the highest Repairs and Overhauls solutions possible on: Mechanical, Electrical and Electronic Accessories, Limited Landing Gear Components and Instruments. We have several programs to aid in returning a trouble -free unit to you as quickly as possible. FLAT RATES that eliminate the quotation process, send us the unit and we go!, SPARES PROGRAM so there is never a wait, turnaround times and 24 TO 36 MONTH WARRANTIES rest assured, it will be a while before you’re worrying about the same part again.


We are an FAA Repair Station LZ4R354M with unlimited Class 1, 2, & 3, are EASA, ANAC, CAAT and DGCA/Indonesia certified, are FAA AC00-56B accredited, and are Minority-Business Certified as well.


We serve you with 24 hours a day 7 days a week of AOG service including dedicated sales representatives.


  • A320 FAMILY
  • A320 NEO
  • A330
  • 737 NG
  • 737 CLASSIC
  • 757 767 787
  • 145
  • 170/175
  • 190/195
  • 42
  • 72
  • UH-1 / -1H
  • S-70
  • BELL 205
  • BELL 206
  • BELL 212
  • BELL 412
  • C-130
  • C-295
  • CN-295
  • UH-60



contact med-air office

(+1) 305 592 6236 


Med-Air address

2287 NW 102 Place

Miami, Florida 33172

Contact med-craft office

Jorge Vasquez  / VP of Business Development

(+1) 305 594 7444


Med-Craft address

2450 NW 110 Ave

Miami, Florida 33172

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